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About Positive Dog Training

Dog driving you crazy. Not know what to do, we all have hopes and dreams what life would be like after getting a new dog or puppy. Have your hopes and dreams been shattered by your realty perhaps you have envisioned a fun playmate for your kids.  But instead, you have a hipper jumping nipping monster on your hands with whom your kids are afraid to play with. Maybe those pleasant walks you looked forward to but now you’re getting drug down the block and getting your arm dislocated from your shoulders.

Or possibly you hope to take your furry companion everywhere with you but your embarrassed by the barking and lunging creature at the end of your leash. You thought they would grow out of this but they are only getting worse – now it’s time to make some changes please contact us.



My name is James Kaelin and I’m the owner of Positive Response K9 Training LLC. Before starting Positive Response K9 Training LLC, I was a police officer for 26 years, and retired at the rank of Sergeant. During my police career, I was a canine handler for 16 years.

Additionally, I was a certified police canine trainer for 13 years. I also have a trainer’s certification from the largest police canine association in the country. While working with police dogs, I had the opportunity to participate in police dog competitions, winning awards at both the regional and national level. Many of the dog teams I have trained also won regional and national awards.

Having a passion for dogs and dog training made it an easy transition, upon retirement, to start my own dog training business.

3 men with a dog in front of van

"We rescued Dixon from a shelter in October 2018. Dixon is a 5-year-old German Shepard/Golden retriever mix."

- Dixon

"Mr. Jim trained my dog Wyatt in his 2 week training program. Prior to training Wyatt was afraid of all people and dogs. He would shriek when on leash due to his fear of everything and pull the entire time so it was impossible to take him for a walk."

- Amanda Isabella

"As a first time dog owner, I had no idea how to control our 9 month old Labrador Retriever. We sent May to train with Jim Kailen for 2 weeks to learn how to behave better."

- Eileen